Planned Giving 101

5 Steps to Planned Giving

Set Your Goals!


S.M.A.R.T Goals – Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

Article: 5 Simple Planned Giving Tips To Implement Right Now

5 Steps:

Step 1 - Your Tool Box:  Identify planned giving program tools every organization should have in place. Finalize your goals for starting or improving your planned giving program. 

Sample Bequest Form Link
Gift Agreement, Gift Acceptance Policy and Investment Policy

Article “Are you Ready for Planned Giving?”

All You Need for Planned Giving You Learned in Kindergarten (available for purchase)
Workbook for Gift Planners – A complete document from A to Z for planned giving
Prospective Donor – Finding Donors for Bequests

Step 2 - Type of Gifts

Intro to types of gifts
Intro to types of gifts presentaiton  
The Perfect Planned Giving Cheat Sheet and other resources
Typical Donor Characteristics Table

Speaker: Donor advised funds
Types of gifts summary
Gifts of Ownership Interest
Special Assets Letter of Understanding

Step 3 - The Marketing Plan

Bring your bequest form to share
Board involvement
Media, social media, website
Mailings, forms
Marketing Materials – Planned giving marketing materials under the Leave a Legacy logo that our organization was founded under – Great marketing pieces!
Marketing Downloads and Tools

Step 4 - Asking the Ask

Contacting donors
Making the ask
Questions To Start Gift Planning
Greg Sharkey Bio 2105

Step 5 - Recognizing Donors & Going Forward

Legacy/Society/The Club
Gift Acceptance
Saying Thank You